How to properly care for a dog living at home

Caring for a dog, it implies a special approach and communication. As soon as you buy a puppy, you immediately need to develop a plan for raising your pet.

It should be noted that unlike humans, animals do nothing for evil or in retaliation. They are not genetically inherent in such qualities as vindictiveness and meanness.

caring for a dog

Skin and hair

care service dog care

In order for an animal to attract attention with a clean, shiny coat, you will have to work on its appearance regularly. Some dogs ‘ fur tends to get dirty quickly and requires frequent washing. Others will only need a few combs to look decent. Let’s look at the requirements for the care of dogs of different breeds:care service dog care

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Washable and mallinaga dogs. Yes, there are some. Of course, their hair falls out, but it continues to stick with the rest until it is combed or plucked. In the apartment, they are ideal guests.
Such remarkable breeds include most Terriers and some others:

  • West highland white Terrier;
    Yorkshire terrier;
    Kerry blue Terrier;
    Boston terrier;
    Chinese crested dog;
    Bichon Frise;

Terriers are supposed to trim twice a year (plucking dead hairs), and the rest regularly visit the groomer for a haircut. At home, these dogs need to be combed 2-3 times a week. Owners of naked dogs need to be prepared for the fact that their skin secretes a kind of secret and needs regular cleansing. Caring for a dog that sheds little is just as important as caring for a fluffy poodle.

dog hair care

Long-haired dogs require maximum attention due to the specifics of their coat. If once in 2 days you do not go through the thick hair with a special dog comb, the hair will get lost in tangles, which will have to be cut.
These breeds include:

Afghan hound;
Shih Tzu.
Smooth-haired / short-haired dogs. Caring for this type of dog is easy. Due to the lack of undercoat, the dog will need to be combed quite rarely – during molting. The rest of the time, the wool looks great without a brush. In winter, a smooth-haired pet should be bathed once every 2-3 months, and in summer a little more often.

  • Doberman;
    dog skin care

Dogs with normal medium-length hair that has an undercoat need treatments about once a week. During the molting period, it is better to comb them out on a walk, somewhere in a vacant lot.
These dogs include:

Balanced proper nutrition of a dog is a very important moment in its life. Nutrition affects the condition of the dog, the condition of its coat and teeth. The diet for each dog should be made individually, depending on its size and breed.

Instilled nutrition:

A bowl filled with clean water must be always available to the dog. It should be changed several times a day.
The dog’s meals should be arranged at the same time every day. With this, you can determine the volume of one serving and train your pet to the mode. If you feed a dog with constant access to food, it will get a disease — obesity.
Food should be chosen either natural food or dry food. Combining these two types of food is not recommended by veterinarians. Dry food should not be economy class, but premium or holistic.
HELP! The owner of the dog should evaluate the appearance of his dog. If she is very thin, it means that she lacks nutrition, if on the contrary she swims with fat, then it is necessary to reduce the portion.

Eye care
dog eye care

As a rule, the dog’s eyes do not need any care if they are healthy. Sometimes, after walking in windy weather, in the morning, crusts and small streaks may form in the corners, which are removed with clean cotton wool or a bandage soaked in furacilin solution. If a foreign body enters the eye or the cornea is injured during a game or fight, contact your veterinarian for treatment.


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Ear care
dog ear care

Rules for dog care include weekly inspection of the ear and cleaning it if necessary. Working with puppies is much easier, but cleaning the ears of an adult dog will be very problematic, because the procedure should be taught from childhood. You need to follow the following sequence of procedures.

Examination of the auricle. If it is clean, pink, then there is no need to clean it.
If a gray-brown discharge is detected, it must be removed with a cotton swab.
When there is too much sulfur and it sticks to the ears, you will need a special ear spray.
Some breeds need to pull out the dead guard hairs in the ear.
A flared tail found in a domestic dog that likes to dig in close to the ear should be removed as soon as possible.
If the dog shakes his ears and whines as soon as the owner touches them, this painful condition requires the intervention of a veterinarian.