Care pets at home

Care of teeth and gums

Keeping the mouth in perfect condition is just as important for the dog as it is for its owner. After all, many diseases of the digestive system occur precisely when the teeth are in poor condition. And the appearance of Tartar dogs are even more susceptible than people. If it is not removed, the gums become inflamed, gingivitis begins, followed by periodontal disease, teeth begin to wobble and eventually fall out.

To care for the dog was complete, puppies need to instill a patient attitude to the process of brushing their teeth. To do this, you will need a toothbrush (you can buy one that fits on your finger) and a special paste for dogs. Teeth are cleaned in the same way as in humans, capturing even hard-to-reach places. In addition to cleaning, from time to time, the dog should be given special solid food that massages the gums and prevents the formation of stone.


It is strictly forbidden to brush your dog’s teeth with a paste intended for humans!

dog gums care

The care of paws and claws
dog claw care

On asphalt, the claws are worn off themselves, but it is not always possible to walk the pet on hard ground. Then the claws gradually start to grow back and cause pain to the dog. Therefore, they need to be trimmed. To avoid fractures and damage to the claws, which can lead to pain and bleeding.

To trim the dog’s claws, secure its position by squeezing it tightly with your knees or ask someone for help. Press down on the dog’s fingertips to see the claw better. Determine where the sensitive part of the claw begins and cut just beyond that point (at a 45-degree angle). For breeds with dark colored claws, cut the claw off a little. Until the dark spot appears. This means that there is a sensitive area of the claw that cannot be touched.Care pets at home

Puppies need to trim their claws once a week, as they grow very quickly.

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If you do not cut the dog’s claws in time, they can grow into the skin, which can lead to serious consequences.

The animal’s paws account for the entire weight of its body. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big Caucasian or a miniature lapdog. Therefore, every owner should know how to take care of a dog, protecting its limbs from damage.

Great harm to the paw pads in winter is caused by the scattering of salt composition on sidewalks and roads. To protect your pet, before a walk, they lubricate the pads with vaseline or any greasy cream. Small dogs it is advisable to wear waterproof boots.
Long-haired dogs should regularly cut the hair between their fingers, preventing it from rolling down.

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Care perianalny glands

Not every dog owner knows what the paraanal glands are and how to care for them. They are located on both sides of the anus and are not visible to the naked eye. Under normal functioning, the dog does not have any problems with them. But sometimes due to a low-activity lifestyle, poor diet, weak immunity or heredity, they stop self-cleaning. Then the dog climbs the hair, there are allergic rashes.

how to care for a dog

To clean the glands, you can visit a veterinarian or do everything yourself at home, because it is not difficult at all. The dog needs this procedure every 3-6 months. The dog is placed in a bath, and having applied a thick napkin to the anal opening, at the same time it is pressed on the paraanal glands, slightly squeezing the sphincter. In this case, a viscous yellow-brown substance is released.