Agility is a timed event that features teamwork between dog and handler. It’s as exciting for the spectators as it is for the participants.

Blending physical ability and quick obedient response, agility requires handler and dog to form a close trusting bond. Dogs learn to traverse a variety of obstacles, and handlers learn to think while on the run. Sometimes the sport is a graceful dance and other times appears to be a hilarious comedy! But whichever it is – dogs and handlers have a good time.


PenDOG offers agility classes from the very begining through advanced competition. While not everyone who starts agility decides to go on to compete, most do and find it to be great fun. Agility is very much a group sport!

Beginning Agility classes generally start in September, with a second beginning session starting in mid-winter (as time allows). Classes continue throughout the winter at our facility on Kalifonsky Beach Road, and transfer to outdoors for the summers. Most of the trials in Alaska are held outdoors, and it’s important for the dogs to be accustomed to running agility without walls around them.

Dogs and handlers go through a series of classes, learning the various obstacles and gaining the speed, rapport and control necessary for a good agility team. Generally it takes close to a year to be “trial-ready”. With the PenDOG classes, you can start in September and be showing the next July!

All agility classes have class size limits, so pre-registration is necessary. Call 262-6846 to sign up for a class!


Here in southcentral Alaska, you primarily see two venues for showing in agility:

AKC (American Kennel Club)

NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council).

The titles listed below are for those venues. There are some other titles available in NADAC – for a full listing of their titles, visit their website (linked above).

Many of the dogs you see listed on the PenDOG website have a combination of these agility titles.